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Publishing FAQ

It can be confusing!

These are the traditional "big boys" - they buy the rights to your book and then do everything to get your book to market. They do not charge you any upfront money, and they pay for design, printing, marketing and distribution of your title. (Although, that model is changing - new authors are now expected to pay for some of the marketing expense!)

They also only accept a small faction of the work submitted to them, and usually won't even consider a manuscript not sent through a recognized agent.

On the down side, unless you are a J.K. Rowling or a Stephen King, you probably are not going to make a living from your royalty checks, even if you do get picked up. They pay you pennies for every dollar they earn off your book.

These are the publishers that charge you for everything they do. In the past, they were also known as "Vanity Press" in the industry. It was where you went if you wanted to print 10 copies of your memoirs for the family, but wanted them to be nice, hard cover books for a keepsake. And it was very expensive.

Today, these publishers are everywhere online. They have point-and-click packages whereby you can upload your manuscript, design a cover, and have copies printed and sent to your doorstep in a matter of weeks. The challenge is, you have to be a technical genius to set your files up correctly to print. Or, you have to hire them to do it for you. And if something goes wrong with your project? Just try to get a live person on the phone to work with you.

True self-publishing means you do it all.

You have to know the difference between picas, points and pixels. You have to know what a bleed is, and what knock-outs are (and we're not talking boxing terms here...) You have to know when to use CMYK versus RGB - not to mention what those acronyms stand for.

You have to know how to create high resolution PDF files, paginate the pages, and embed your fonts. Then you have to research how and when to use ISBNs, QR codes, create scan-able bar codes and getting your book registered with the Library of Congress.

Not done yet! You still have to find printing sources, compare prices, factor in shipping, and do the marketing and distribution.

Get the point? If you wanted to be a designer/techie guru/marketer/distributor, you would have been a designer/techie guru/marketer/distributor. You're a writer. Your time is best spent writing.

Which leads to what we call our publishing format - collaborative publishing. Yes, we charge for our expertise. Over 20 years experience in graphic design and almost 10 in book publishing means we are experts at what we do. You own your words, you hold the copyright to your writing, you get the reports and royalties on books sold directly to your email. We get set up fees and hold the final artwork for the project in our archives.

Many of us are also writers. We know it's often difficult to come up with $2,000 front money to start a project (and in many places $5,000-$10,000.)

We know what it is like to have put a piece of your soul down on paper, and be afraid to really put it out there yet to
have to move forward because you cannot rest until you try. We know how hard it is to face all the marketing and technical aspects of the business - you just want to WRITE.

And we're here to help you bring that dream to fruition. We work with promising authors where they can begin, and help them get their books out there. In our minds, if you (the author) succeeds, we succeed. The more money you make selling your book, the more we can count on a return on our investment. Will it cost you money up front to get started? Yes. Will you feel cared for and supported throughout the process? That's our goal.

If you choose our collaborative publishing model, we will do our best to work in partnership with you to not only get a quality product produced, but SOLD. We have several proven methods in place. Give us a call to find out more details.