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What Others Say

Pam Kinkus, author of "The Fairy Ferns" said:
Maggie Robinson truly works magic! She understood what I am trying to create and within just a few days I held in my hand a mock up of exactly what I imagined! By the way, it took me over a year to try and get to this point on my own. The book will be completed in November 2011 and I'm honored to have had Silverbear Publishing on my team.

Cheryl Werle, co-author of "Eleven Two: One WWII Airman's Story of Capture, Survival and Freedom" said:
The plain and simple truth is we could not have gotten our book published and in our hands without Maggie.  What she brings to the table simply cannot be realized through online self-publishing.  The enthusiasm, energy and expertise is invaluable.

Dylene Cymraes, author of "Pawn Tickets of the Soul" said:

Maggie Robinson is a fantastic designer/creator/publisher. She has a talent for listening to what I need, giving me what I ask for--and even better--giving me ideas I never would have come up with that are much better than my own. Her experience with traditional print as well as new digital technology makes her a valued member of my team. She produces great results, works with the highest integrity, and has creativity flowing from her fingertips!

Terri Robinson, author of "Riding The Care-Go-Round" said:
I couldn't have had a better working relationship than with Maggie when putting together my book written for and about caregivers. I still get compliments on the layout and illustrations being placed exactly where needed. Bookmarks were the perfect compliment to go with the book and for advertising. I'm looking forward to more joint ventures in the future. * (Addendum from Maggie Robinson @ Silverbear Publishing - Terri Robinson is no relation, but the story of how we met and where our experiences intersect is amazing!)

Judy Trabbold, owner of Historic Log Cabin Inn in Donegal, PA said:
Wow. Thanks Maggie, my business card designs are awesome! It's as if you took a photo of the vision that I had in my mind and brought it to life! YOU ROCK.

Tom B. said:
You're my hero.

Karen said:
I was referred to Maggie Robinson at Silverbear Graphics by a published author and book editor and I am so thankful. She took a personal interest in my book and helped me from start to finish. I am VERY pleased with her work. She was responsive to my phone calls/emails and gave me plenty of much needed professional advice. I highly recommend Silverbear Graphics.

hawk said:
Absolutely amazing. Attention to detail, great customer support, immediate response. The best you could possibly find, and cost effective. This is the place to get your book published with effective results.

Jim V. said:
Wow! Absolutely beautiful work - the kind of caring and craftsmanship you don't see much in the business world anymore.

John said:
I like that I am not only supporting a local, woman-owned business, but that I get what I need with a smile and at a reasonable price.

Debra in Maryland said:
When I need printing done now and I need it done right, I go straight to this team at Silverbear. They produce consistent results.

Cory F said:
I started with an idea in my head - and Silverbear Graphics handed me my book in print; professionally designed, published and with marketing materials already in place - how exciting is that?

Tiffany said:
You know, they told me distance is no problem, and they were right! I worked with them right from my computer screen in Arizona, just like I was sitting next to the designer - in real time! Amazing technology. And I didn't have to pay sales tax because I am an out of state customer, to boot. Can't beat that!